art exibition  art exibition

PROTOTYPE It is a project that includes photos and an object-sculpture. After creating ready to wear airplane wings I took a series of picture. Me and my father, my grandmother and my mother…etc The gloves are embroded with the south-north-west-east signs, and the wind rose. The purpose is to use them to grab the handle hidden inside the wings. Everything is ready, you have all you need for jumping and flying but it doesn’t t really work. It s the poetic side of failure in challenging our induct sense of freedom. Don t we have the feeling that nothing is possible anymore?

PROTOTYPE Airplane wings: resin, stucco, acrylic colour 45cm x 3 meters (open) Gloves in cotton with black thread Photos 100cmx70cm (from film, no digital work) (3 for the 4locations) 2005 Milan Italy