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Pombenburg Park, opening ceremony of De Luchtsingel in Rotterdam (concept choregraphy, design and collaboration with Kunsthal with and for architect firm ZUS)

Together with writer Raoul de Jong and choreographer Elisabetta Consonni, we created a participatory events for the opening of Test Site Rotterdam, the making of the Pompenburg Park with ZUS and KUNSTHAL Rotterdam, and the construction of the Luchtsingel. In the making of Pompeburg Park for one week volunteers from different schools, fire fighters, elderly people etc. constructed a park with choreographed actions linked to the task of the day. The different groups joined at the end of the week taking part at the opening ceremony. The aim is to disrupt the usual perception of space, situations and people and transform them in unusual. Sitting there in the middle of the water looking to a wide open horizon we can still feel the adventures, the dreams and the romanticism of all the travelers that left and arrived here. This is what we all need! To be surprised and have the illusion that everything can happen just stepping in the wide open unknown. This is what Rotterdam is lacking: romanticism, enthusiasm, nostalgia of memories that are is essential elements in order to recuperate the possibility of being illusional and start something new.