A participatory project that allows the people of the Medina to create a work for the festival by giving light to the place they share and a sense of pride for the place they live in. A project made with the collaboration of « Journal of the Medina ».

exhibition lights

We ask the to lend us an object that with light in it, a radio, a souvenir, a toy, an old selphone etc. The collected material assembled within a simple structure became a large installation. With the objects were told us stories that we recorded becoming the audio of the instllation.

exhibition lights

The objects were returned at the end. It was a participatory work about trust and sense of comunity.

“The individual must not wait for governments and he must not wait for groups or powerful people to do something. He must take care of what is on his doorstep; that is the material that he has in life and he must work with that”

(Laurens van der Post)